Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Alas, another update

Ahem, it's been a while comrades.

While I'm not making any promises that this will be frequently updated, you'll get at least one.

I've been excellent. I still work at the Geology Library (which I think I mentioned, maybe not though), which is actually where I'm at right now as I type this! That's right folks, I'm getting paid $6.25 per hour to write this up... read it and weep.

But you don't care about my job, I bet. So how about my classes? If I recall, I mentioned all of the classes I am taking this semester... Accounting, Business Stats, Macroeconomics, Information Systems (two of those classes), Speech, and Basketball. Here's the quick rundown of how they've gone thus far (finals are next week).

Accounting - I came in with very low hopes about this class, and it has surpassed my expectations. In fact, I liked it so much I've become an Accounting and Finance double major! Double woohoo! As long as I show up for the final, my grade will be good.

Business Stats - It's not the most boring class ever, but it's at 8 AM which is a big negative. However, the teacher's excellent, the concepts have generally not been difficult to understand, and like Accounting, as long as I show up for the final I'm not worried about my grade.

Macroeconomics - I expected this to be a little more interesting than Microeconomics, and it has. While Micro was very boring, Macro is only moderately boring. So it has that going for it, which is nice.

Information Systems [317] - This is the most boring class ever. Seriously, it's all uphill from here. Not overly difficult, but it's a chore just to stay awake (and it doesn't help that its my 3rd staright 1 hour, 15 minute class!)

Information Systems [117] - As I have used a computer before in my life, this 1-credit class was exceedingly easy.

Speech - Really boring but surprisingly not too awful. I didn't mind giving speeches much (though writing them sucks), and while listening to other speeches is boring, there are worse things (like being in ISYS 317 class!) All in all, not a fun class, but not as awful as I expected.

Basketball - We usually played 5 on 5, sometimes 4 on 4, or even the occasional 3 on 3 to mix things up. In other words, this class rocked.

So there it was. Porbably 2 Bs, though there's a chance it will only be 1.

Next semester I will be taking Accounting 2, Spreadsheet Applications in Accounting, Marketing Foundations, Money and Banking, and Management. Should be ok, I think. The spreadsheet class and the Money and Banking class will be boring I think, but who knows.

Anyway, that's me. In other good news, this site finally got an affiliate/sponsor thingy, and it's a site for mainly for Minnesota Sports Tickets. So check them out, especially if you're in the Minneapolis area.

As always, you can find me at Complete Sports, Thank You Brian Sabean, and now The Water Cooler Online. Check them out, and while you might be horribly disappointed, maybe you won't. And that's a chance you need to take.