Thursday, September 29, 2005

Saved by the Bell

This may very well be the second greatest show ever invented. The Jr. High years were decent but not great, the high school years were some of the best TV ever, and the College Years were very solid as well. As I've mentioned earlier, I find that Zach and A.C. hanging out with Screech so much to be unrealistic, but I can get past that, and see that Screech was a good character. Heck, all of the main six were solid characters, though Lisa and Jessie got on my nerves from time to time. Max was cool too, and I've actually seen him twice at magic shows at Valley Fair. The Mr. Belding laugh is an absolute classic, and he was just a good character overall.

However, the New Class absolutely sucked. Like, it may be the worst show ever created. Sadly, I don't see much or any Saved by the Bell anymore. I don't know when it's on, but I wouldn't really have time anyway. The DVD's are too expensive for me to buy, but if anyone wants to buy them for me, I'll watch them! Saved by the Bell rules.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Very possibly, the best show ever created. I got Season 1, 2, and 3 as Christmas and Birthday presents, and the more I watch, the more I like. I haven't seen an episode I didn't like. So far, my favorite episode is The Ex-Girlfriend. I've heard that The Contest is in fact the best episode, but I have not been able to see it yet, but I would like to rectify that. It really is a show about nothing, and that is what makes it so enticing. I mean, look at these quotes from the show:

"I don't return fruit. Fruit is a gamble. I know that going in."
- Jerry, in "The Ex-Girlfriend"

"I may not look like a Murphy, but I act like a Murphy."
- Jerry, in "The Limo"

I can't run. I have a bad hamstring."
"How'd that happen?"
"I hurt it in a hotel room. You know the way they tuck the covers in real tight in those hotel rooms? I can't sleep like that, so I tried to kick it out and I pulled it."
- George and Jerry, in "The Limo"

"Let me tell you something, funny boy... You know that little stamp? The one that says New York Public Library? Well, that may not mean anything to you, but that means a lot to me. One whole helluva lot. Sure, go ahead, laugh if you want to. I've seen your type before -- flashy, making the scene, flaunting convention. Yeah, I know what you're thinking... Why's this guy making such a big stink about old library books? Let me give you a hint, junior. Maybe we can live without libraries, people like you and me.... Maybe. Sure, we're too old to change the world. What about that kid, sitting down, opening a book right now in a branch of the local library and finding pictures of pee-pees and wee-wees in The Cat in the Hat and The Five Chinese Brothers. Doesn't he deserve better? Look, if you think this is about overdue fines and missing books, you'd better think again. This is about that kid's right to read a book without getting his mind warped. Or maybe that turns you on, Seinfeld... Maybe that's how you get your kicks... You and your goodtime buddies... I've got a flash for you, joy boy. Partytime is over."
- Lt. Bookman, in "The Library"

"She needs a little tenderness. She needs a little understanding. She needs a little Kramer."
- Kramer, in "The Library"

Just a brilliant show!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Well I had some really interesting to write about...

But I forgot what it was. I'm sure it was just fascinating, but I guess we'll never know.

Well uh, how about that Wall Street? Pretty unpredictable!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Where have you gone Randy Moss?

Brilliant move Vikings.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

College 2.

The time has come, I feel, to update everyone on college. It's very good. I pretty much like everything about it. The classes are much better, though some can get boring, and the fact that I have no math helps. Then again, my first test is tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes. The food is good. I like the buffet system that college offers, combined with the fact that I don't have to make anything, it's made for me, and the fact that I like pop (not soda, pop!) and it's available. So that is good.

The freedom is good. However, I disagree with Janis Joplin in that freedom is not just another word for "nothing left to lose." But I do agree that it is good enough for me and Bobby McGee. But seriously college is r0xx0r.

Random Note: Aside from Joan Osbourne's "What if God was one of Us?" song, is there any song with worse lyrics than "Breakfast at Tiffany's" by Deep Blue Something? I mean, I love that song, and it was my favorite when I was younger, but they stayed together in relationship because they both kinda liked a movie? Huh?

Random Note 2: I knoew I have mentioned this before, but I am still baffled at why Zack and AC hung out with Screech! They were probably the two most popular guys in school, and by all account Samuel P. was a nerd. Seriously, did this happen in other schools? I'm just baffled.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fire Mike Tice!

Please. He sucks.

The team wasn't ready to go at all today. Why is Loney the O-Coordinator? After countless boneheaded in-game mistakes, a couple late season collapses, still no consistency as who's even playing RB, and Mike Tice just being stupid in general, why is he coach? This team has top 5 talent, and they sucked today. Absolutely totally sucked. Culpepper sucked yes, but the gameplan was horrific. They didn't run the ball, and they got outcoached. Combined with the Arizona debacle a couple years ago, last year's collapse, and today, Tice needs to be gone yesterday.

I'm begging.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I've been criticized in the past about some of the music I like, mostly by music snobs. Well, now I'm going to come clean, and reveal the music I like that that I'm most ashamed of liking. Don't laugh, because I bet you like some terrible music as well.

Ace of Base - By all accounts, they should be terrible. I don't know if they're popular or not. But for some reason, I like most of the songs I've heard by them.

Bonnie Tyler - I like the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I'm not proud of it by any means, but I like the song.

Bryan Adams - I've gotten quite a bit of flack about this from the OTBL jerks (:rolleyes:), but I like "Summer of '69", and I kinda like a couple other songs of his.

Deep Blue Something - I don't know if this was a popular song or not, but "Breakfast at Tiffany's" was my all-time favorite song when I was a kid, and I still enjoy it today.

Kelly Clarkson - I don't think she's awesome or anything like that, but I generally tend to slightly enjoy her music.

Mr. Big - "To Be With You" is the only song by I know, but I like it. And it's very cheesy.

Richard Marx - Now this is the one I got made fun of the most, even though I only kinda sorta like 1 song. 1 song.

Sheryl Crow - On the whole, she is total SOC, but I like the song "First Cut is the Deepest."

And that's it. But don't worry, I still hate rap "music" and country "music."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bad News about work today.

So I got into work today at 10 AM after my first class, and for the first hour and 40 minutes, things went like usual, meaning I just sat at the computer and didn't have to do anything. Then, the boss came back with a bunch of books that needed to be shelved! This took me an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, meaning I actually had to do a little work! What an outrage!

In other news, me and my friends are starting up a fantasy football league. We have 4 teams, with 40 players each. 6 QB, 8 RB, 10 WR, 5 TE, 3 K, 5 D, 1 HC, 1 P, and 1 WR/RB. I also increased the scoring totals so that a ridiculous amount of points will be scored. Should be a good time! Draft is tonight!

Finally, anyone watch that Miami/FSU game last night? What an ugly game, but it was definitely entertaining. Drew Weathorford was absolutely horrific for FSU, but he was just a little better than the Miami special teams (2 missed FG, 1 punt blocked, 1 botched snap) in the 10-7 win. One thing I liked about the game was Kyle Wright. He struggled in the 1st quarter, but he looks like he's going to be a very good player. Him and Jeff Olsen, the TE for Miami, looked very comfortable together.

Last, someone should have told me that Intro to Fiction meant read short stories and write 2 page papers on your thoughts about the story after every class period. What a terrible class.