Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bad News about work today.

So I got into work today at 10 AM after my first class, and for the first hour and 40 minutes, things went like usual, meaning I just sat at the computer and didn't have to do anything. Then, the boss came back with a bunch of books that needed to be shelved! This took me an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, meaning I actually had to do a little work! What an outrage!

In other news, me and my friends are starting up a fantasy football league. We have 4 teams, with 40 players each. 6 QB, 8 RB, 10 WR, 5 TE, 3 K, 5 D, 1 HC, 1 P, and 1 WR/RB. I also increased the scoring totals so that a ridiculous amount of points will be scored. Should be a good time! Draft is tonight!

Finally, anyone watch that Miami/FSU game last night? What an ugly game, but it was definitely entertaining. Drew Weathorford was absolutely horrific for FSU, but he was just a little better than the Miami special teams (2 missed FG, 1 punt blocked, 1 botched snap) in the 10-7 win. One thing I liked about the game was Kyle Wright. He struggled in the 1st quarter, but he looks like he's going to be a very good player. Him and Jeff Olsen, the TE for Miami, looked very comfortable together.

Last, someone should have told me that Intro to Fiction meant read short stories and write 2 page papers on your thoughts about the story after every class period. What a terrible class.


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AW said...

This is why you check ratemyprofessor.com before you sign up for a class ;)

JG said...

...but I wouldn't check out ratemypoo.com if I were you. Just a friendly FYI!