Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fire Mike Tice!

Please. He sucks.

The team wasn't ready to go at all today. Why is Loney the O-Coordinator? After countless boneheaded in-game mistakes, a couple late season collapses, still no consistency as who's even playing RB, and Mike Tice just being stupid in general, why is he coach? This team has top 5 talent, and they sucked today. Absolutely totally sucked. Culpepper sucked yes, but the gameplan was horrific. They didn't run the ball, and they got outcoached. Combined with the Arizona debacle a couple years ago, last year's collapse, and today, Tice needs to be gone yesterday.

I'm begging.


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matskralc said...

that's a snazzy shirt there, though.

Aaron said...

I'm "digging" the bot action today.

I never really understood why Mike Tice was a head coach in the first place. Unless, as Mats hinted, his snazzy wardrobe stylings were a selling point.

twins15 said...

He was hired as coach because he's the lowest paid head coach in the league, and Red was incredibly cheap.

Tim Minnesota said...

Culpepper sucks, I've said that for years now.

This game proved it.

twins15 said...

Nah Culpepper is very good, the O-Line was just so bad that they couldn't run so Tampa couldn't gear up just to stop the pass. So they had everyone covered and a steady pass rush. I'd still take Culpepper over any other QB save Peyton Manning.

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