Wednesday, August 24, 2005


So I've been to all my classes except the lab, but that doesn't meet until next week. Here's my general thoughts on them.

Intro to Fiction - I've already had to write two 2-page summaries on different short stories, and that's after one class. Depending on how tough the teacher grades the summaries, this could be a good class. It's fairly interesting, and though there is kinda a lot of work, hopefully it won't be too bad.

Western Civilization - meets once a week for 2 hours. The professor seemed very cool and funny after one class, but I have heard that he's not really good, and he'll just ramble on and you won't know what his main points are. But really, the class will come down to how hard of a grader he is. I think the class should be pretty interesting, but all of the tests are essays, and the difficulty of the class will depend on how hard he grades those essays.

Biology - Another really cool and really nice teacher. I've heard good things about the class and the teacher. While the subject matter may get a little dull at times (plants, etc.) the class shouldn't be too bad and shouldn't be too hard.

Intro to Space Studies - Kinda an odd class for me to take since I'm not in Aviation, but I thought it sounded interesting. We'll basically study space, as the title implies. Hard to get a read on how hard/easy the class will be, so I'll update that later on.

U.S. since 1877 - I've heard the porfessor is very cool, very nice, and very easy, which sounds great. The first class didn't do anything to dispel those notions for me. All of our tests will be multiple choice, and that's basically the whole grade. Should be a fun and interesting class.

In addition, I've already gotone job as a Library Assistant, which will probably be about 10-15 hours a week. Also, I've played for a job as Lab Assistant, and I'll find out if I get that tomorrow or Friday. That would also probably be about 10 hours a week. So depending on homework and how much I work, I could be a very busy man this semester.

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SharksandAsFan said...

Hopefully these classes are easy/fun for you. We don't want to miss your "one-liners at a drop of a hat."

Good luck.