Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Finally got a haircut

So yeah, last week, after 4 long months, I finally got a haircut. My last one was over Veteran's Day break, if I recall. My hair was getting way too long. I usually judge when to get a haircut when it becomes too hard to get it not to stick straight up, and it was at that point. I kinda like it shorter now, but I'm going to try to let it grow back until the end of summer. I'll let you all know how it goes.

In other news

The song "Point/Counterpoint" by Streetlight Manifesto is pretty sweet. In case you were wondering.

Also, if you're ever bored, just head over to Snopes. It's pretty much the best site known to man (other than this one).

So yeah, no tests at all this week, which is nice. Although I do have 2 next week, which isn't so fun, but it shouldn't be too awful.

Oh yeah, and cats suck.


Amanda Lynn said...

I agree; cats do suck

LynCat said...

Anyone who hates cats has something seriously wrong with them. Seriously. By the way, Thank you for getting a haircut.

twins15 said...

I see nothing wrong with hating cats. Especially Leo.

Amanda said...

If you hate cats, you suck. Just a friendly FYI!

Also, hair is better long. If it's too long to stick straight up, it's perfect. :2cents:

twins15 said...

I'm sorry guys, but I just can't tolerate non-cat-haters here. FYI!