Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Credit Card?

As I mentioned 3 days ago, I get a lot of credit card offers in the mail, most of them geared toward students.

Like clockwork, or maybe magic, I got another one today in the mail, this time for what was called a Discover Student Card. It actually looks pretty decent, I guess. 0% APR until September, online account accessibility, cashback bonus, $0 fraud liability, etc.

But I passed on it.

Also you may remember me talking about starting an ING Account. Well, with my $25 bonus I got for signing up, I got almost $30 in about 5 weeks. Not too shabby! Remember to tell me if you want to start up an account, and I'll refer you, and you get a $25 bonus, and I get a $10 bonus. Now who doesn't love that?


Amanda said...

Well, twinsy, you need to build *some* credit. Take out a low-interest credit card, buy a pack of gum, pay it off immediately (thus, no interest) -- and keep the card account open. Buy little stuff on it occasionally, and again, pay it off immediately.

Five years down the line when you want to buy a new car, you'll appreciate having established credit. Ten years, when you want a house.... etc.

No more than one credit card though. Credit cards suck in general. ;) It's just that having one (*ONE*) is the easiest way to build credit.

Amanda said...

Oh. Well, you beat me to the punch on half my advice. So I'll offer more! Make sure you rip those credit card offers up before you toss them, so no one can fill them out for you ;)