Monday, March 06, 2006

Is it Spring Break yet?

Well no, but it's getting there. My Spring Break starts Friday, which will be really nice. But I've already had one test this week (Criminology), with another one coming up on Wednesday (Microeconomics), and yet another on Thursday (Government). This isn't awful in and of itself, these tests are terribly difficult like my Calculus one last week (I don't want to talk about that), but I'll still have to do a little studying.

I'd rather not study because A) I leave for Spring Break in a few days, B) College basketball conference tournaments basically start this Wednesday, which is a good time for me. Other than that though, this should be a pretty good week.

Next week, however, will be awesome. I'll be relaxing at home, and most importantly, March Madness starts. For most people, this doesn't really mean much. For me, this is basically my favorite time of the year. There is nothing I like more than the first few days of the NCAA Tournament, and this is the first year I'll really be able to watch them more. In years past, I still had school during the day, so I missed all of the early games, and this is obviously not the case this year. Which is nice.


rem said...

Yes, having spring break be at the start of March Madness is awesome. Not missing the games because of school is pretty awesome too.

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