Sunday, November 20, 2005

3 more school days...

... until I get to go home for Thanksgiving! I'm a big Christmas and 4th of July fan as far as holidays go, but this should be a great Thanksgiving. I've only been home once in the past 2 months, so I'll see all my family, which will be nice. I'll also get together with old high school friends, which should be a great time! Only 3 more short days before I go home, and I can barely wait!

And the best part, only about 3 more weeks until I go home for Christmas break! This is good for a couple of reasons:

1) End of the first semester. My first semester at college will be in the books. And this will be good because I'll have different classes. Granted, I'll have one more class and it should be more challenging, but at least I won't have Biology!
2) Christmastime is my favorite time of year in North Dakota. Yes, it's cold. But there is nothing better than a White Christmas.

Hopefully these next few days pass by quickly!

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