Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Vikings/Browns and other thoughts

First off, Vikings improve to 6-5, which is nice. Bears won, which is not so nice, but the Vikings are not 1 game out of the wildcard, and 2 out of the division. This game once again was one in large part because of the defense, and them causing turnovers, which created field position and also (obviously) kept the Browns from scoring. Up next is the Lions, who have terrible QB's, talented WR who don't produce, a new head coach, and a pretty decent defense. 20-13 Vikings.

Other Random things:
- Juxtaposition - n. The state of being placed or situated side by side. (This has to be one of the coolest sounding words)

- I really need to start using the phrase "The long and short of it" more often. I'll try to do that.

- Favorite Quote I heard recently from my Western Civ. teacher who quoted old soccer player George Bess. "I spent half of my money on fast cars, women, and booze, and I wasted the other half."

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