Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ralph Engelstad Arena

"It's impossible to describe the new $100+ million Ralph Engelstad Arena in just a few words, but it is described by many as the "finest facility in the world." The 400,000 square foot arena is nothing but first class. All concourse floors are granite, each seat is constructed of leather and cherry wood, and there are 48 luxury suites and two enormous club rooms featuring the longest freestanding bars in the state. There is a training facility featuring a 10,000 sq. ft. weight room and underwater treadmill, fourteen locker rooms, the extra Olympic Sheet of Ice, and with the addition of the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center for the basketball and volleyball programs coming Fall 2004; what you have is more than a world-class facility; you have the Ralph Engelstad Arena.

The biggest attraction though, and the reason the arena was built, is Fighting Sioux Hockey. In its inaugural season (2001-02) in the new Ralph Engelstad Arena, Fighting Sioux Hockey attendance erupted into an all time high. All of the games in this 11,500+ capacity hockey arena sold out in just 43 minutes after single game tickets went on sale. Tickets sales have even increased each season thereafter."

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Tim Minnesota said...

To bad they are getting screwed by the NCAA. I'd love to be able to visit that areana sometime. I've heard so much kick ass sh*t about it.