Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Final down, 4 to go!

So I had my first final last night in Western Civ. class, and it was 3 essays. Which resulted in me writing 7 pages longhand, and I write small. It wasn't overly difficult, but my right arm nearly fell off. I wish I was kidding.

But anyway, I turn in my (9 1/2 page) paper tomorrow for English, and that class is over. I have a Biology Lab test tomorrow as well which will be moderately difficult. Then, next Tuesday, I have an extremely hard Biology final. Biology this year has been the toughest class of my life (and the only one I've had to consistently study for), and this exam will be 100 Multiple Choice Questions. I'm hoping for a C.

My week will end with U.S. History and Space Studies tests, which should be pretty easy, so that's nice. And then it's off to Christmas break!! Just be sure to think of me next Tuesday around 5:30!

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