Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Mic Phenomenon

I am here to write about the Mic Phenomenon, which I have named. This relates slightly yo my entry about The Best Job Ever. From what I have noticed, when you put someone in front of a mic, they'll do their best to be a comedian, and this is something I like to call the Mic Phenomenon. We've all seen it, we just might not recognize. Put an unfunny person in front of a microphone, and if their not overly shy, invariably they'll try to be funny.

For example, when I graduated from high school, there was one parent who would always go up to introduce the next person, etc. Without fail, she'd crack a bad joke in that time. The thing about it is, I know I'd do the same thing. You would too. It's natural. If you're talking into a microphone, chances are someone's listening. So you try to impress them. Usually, you miserably fail. That's the Mic Phenomenon at work. Remember it the next time you speak in front of a mic.

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