Sunday, July 24, 2005

Worst TV Ideas Ever Pt. 2

We saw #6-10 yesterday, and we'll finish our countdown of the worst TV ideas in history, and then move on to the best ideas. Let's jump in.

5. Golf/NASCAR - Maybe it's just me (and judging by ratings, it probably is), but how is this entertainment. Golf, maybe. But NASCAR? The Left Turn Circuit? Guys drive around in cars for a couple hundred miles. How can this possibly be exciting?

4. Jeff Brantley - Why, ESPN, why? Brantley is horrible. He has no redeeming value. Even Morgan and McCarver are better than this guy. He's got an irritating voice, and he's an idiot. Seriously, Ron Dibble would be right here with him, but I don't see him much anymore, which is good. Unfortunately, for one of the Twins/Yankees playoff series, he was on the crew. I barely made it through the series. Just awful.

3. Reality TV - I liked Survivor a little back in the day, but enough is enough. All of these dating shows are not reality, it's people acting. Reality TV is all MTV is these days (I think, I don't watch it anymore). Even ESPN ventured into the reality TV area, and, IMO, failed miserably. Please, make it stop.

2. Around the Horn - Competes with only the Andy Milonakis Show as the worst show on TV. Whoever the host is now is decent enough, but Woody Paige? Tim Cowlishaw? Worst of all, Jay Mariotti? These guys are bumbling idiots. How do they get a job as a newspaper writer, let alone a job on national TV. Seriously, I'm smarter than half the people on the show, and that's not good.

1. John Kruk - Of all the crap that ESPN employs (and there's a lot), no one is worse than Kruk. He was a crappy ballplayer, but his baseball career is HOF-like compared to his TV career. He's got an annoying voice, he's an idiot, and he's not exactly camera-friendly. This is a guy that contended that Curt Schilling deserved the Cy Young last year over Johan Santana because he played in a bigger market with more pressue. He routinely says that the pitcher with the most wins should be Cy Young. I guess Matt Clement should have the Cy Young this year, because he's been successful and he plays in Boston.

Hiring John Kruk was the worst idea anyone in television has ever had. And the sad thing is, they don't even know it.


Jonzard said...

I watch around the horn every day...

Its way better with statboy though. I think that guys like Mariotti are good for the show... sure he's an idiot, but he is a polarizing personality. That generally makes for better television.

Jonzard said...

You forgot Joe Morgan!

twins15 said...

Joe Morgan wound up at #8, along with McCarver.

wildcat9two said...

i liked that show man vs. beast.. the hot dog eating champ went against a bear... that shit was so funny

Hannah said...
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