Tuesday, February 14, 2006

#12 - U2

But I do want to clarify, I hate the song "Vertigo." It's very awful. But on the whole, I like their songs. "Sweetest Thing" is one of my favorites. Maybe it's the fact that one of their band members is referred to as "The Edge." Either way, good enough for #12.

Top 5 U2 Songs
1) "Sweetest Thing"
2) "I Still Haven't Found"
3) "Mysterious Ways"
4) "With or Without You"
5) "Beautiful Day"


Kat said...

i used to love U2...BEFORE they got to arrogant.....back when they actually were rebels....bono just pisses me off now.

it's sad.....they used to have a message and a passion

kevin said...

i've had a strong love/hate relationship with U2 for 20 years now (is that even possible?). I feel so old!

i was really inspired by them in the early days with their raw sound and unique approach to songwriting. now, new albums sound more and more like the ones before. i guess bono's too busy out there trying to save the world.

kevin said...

Wait no Desire?
Sunday Bloody Sunday?