Sunday, February 05, 2006


Here was my night:

7:30 - 2:00 AM - Over at friends house watching movies.

2:30 AM - Arrive back at my dorm room. Go on the computer for a few minutes and listened to some music.

3:30 AM - Fall asleep for the first time.

4:00 AM - Fire alarm goes off, everyone has to go inside or their eardrums explode. It's about negative degrees outside.

4:10 AM - Go back inside, try to go to sleep. I make a comment about how it would kind of be funny for the fire alarms to go off again in like half an hour just to see everyone mad.

4:30 AM - Finally fall back asleep again. For the second time.

5:05 AM - Large, ear-piercing noise. Fire alarm goes off again. Still very, very cold, cold enough to basically wake me up.

5:20 AM - Finally go back inside again... but the cold has woken me up some. I go on the computer for a few minutes, then go lay in bed.

5:35ish AM - Fall back asleep for the third time... this time for the night.

College. Gotta love it!

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