Thursday, February 02, 2006

#24 - Pearl Jam

I actually had heard of these very early in my younger years because they were my sister's favorite band... she even had their name on her license plate. (though I think this had a lot to do with the fact that she had a crush on Eddie Vedder!) But then I started to listen to them more, and I began to like their music, hence they moved to #24 on the countdown.

Top 5 Pearl Jam Songs
1) "Better Man"
2) "Last Kiss"
3) "Evenflow"
4) "Alive"
5) "Daughter"


Happy Hiker said...

I have to beg to differ. Once you hear the song: "Indifference," you'll disagree. That is by far the best Pearl Jam song ever wrote. Your sis has good taste in music. Take it easy

Joyjoy said...

Eddie Vedder is hot. I remember watching him on MTV's Unplugged when I was 14 standing on his stool writing "PROLIFE" on his arm. Alive is my all time favorite song.

Anonymous said...

Pearl Jam are one of the best rock bands America has produced!!!

Here's some live songs -