Tuesday, February 21, 2006

#5 - The Beatles

Growing up, I disliked The Beatles, because all of my older siblings liked them and so it was the cool thing for me not to like them. That has slowly but surely been changing. While I have not heard all of their stuff or anywhere near all of their stuff, I like what I've heard and am always listening to more. So while my choices are a little mainstream with them, that's changing a little over time. But yeah, The Beatles crack the top 5. I should also mention that I like some of the things they each did on their own, but I didn't include them here.

Top 5 The Beatles Songs
1) "Hey Jude"
2) "A Day in the Life"
3) "Eleanor Rigby"
4) "Let I Be"
5) "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"


LynCat said...

Who doesn't love The Beatles? Too bad it took you that long to figure out. Your older siblings sound pretty neat.

vasilisa said...

Top 5 Beatles is pretty hard. It's the Beatles. Bottom 5 is easier... But it would still beat out pretty much everything else out there.