Thursday, February 02, 2006

Because not everything in life is music

Or in other words, I'll post something on my blog now that doesn't involve my top bands list.

I have 4 tests next week, which is not so fun. Criminology, Applied Calculus, Microeconomics, and Government. Should be exciting!

I should go have my car get jumped, because it's not starting. Pretty sad car, even though it has a little bit of an excuse since it's quite cold in North Dakota, in case you didn't know.

I already have accrued (is that the right word?) over $1 in interest for my ING account in like a little over a week, which would have taken like a year in my other bank account, so that's nice. However, sometime soon I'll make a payment on my student loan, so that's not fun.

I got called to jury duty, which would be really cool, except that I'm going to college 4 hours away. I sent the paper back to them saying this, but I'll probably try to give the court a call tomorrow to make sure. This would have been way cooler if it happened to me in the summer.

Got a couple more friends coming into town this weekend, so that should be fun. Combined with the Super Bowl on Sunday, it should be a nice little weekend. And the weekend after that is my birthday!

So uh yeah, talk to you later!

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