Tuesday, January 31, 2006

#28 - Guns N' Roses

I'm a big fan, and "Sweet Child of Mine" is one of my favorite songs ever, so that's a point in their favor. Also, I'm counting "Live and Let Die" and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" when I think of them, even though they didn't exactly write them. I like their guitar-playing, and I'm a fan of Axl Rose's singing.

Top 5 Guns N' Roses Song
1) "Sweet Child of Mine"
2) "Paradise City"
3) "Live and Let Die"
4) "Welcome to the Jungle"
5) "November Rain"


sHa shinizzle said...

uhh, you could you missed Don't Cry on the top 5 list! Maybe the song is a lil bit too ballad but it's a great song, nonetheless - both versions - original and alternate lyrics :)

Joyjoy said...

I would've had Patience as part of my list.