Monday, January 23, 2006

What I've been up to lately...

Well, I find myself to be more interested in financial things lately, such as:

- Started up an account at ING
- My IRA is going now, so I'm following that (probably more closely than I should!)
- I've signed up for a couple of Paid Survey sites, which hopefully will eventually net a couple of bucks
- I have pretty much decided I will major in Financial Management in addition to Marketing
- I'm reading the book "Bogle on Mutual Funds..."
- I'm thinking of starting up an account on T. Rowe Price with a little change
- I pretty much spend a lot of my time at work reading up on investing and other financial stuff
- When I get bored, I tend to read a few financial blogs

Among other things. Some might call me a nerd, and it's hard to disagree!

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