Saturday, January 07, 2006

My Christmas Break...

Well it's been a long, nice one. 3 weeks of laying around, staying up late, sleeping in late, living the good life. I went to some basketball games, hung out with some friends, and hung out with family. And that was my break.

I had a nice Christmas. I got some Seinfeld DVD's, a pre-order for OOTP 2006, and some money, which was nice, and will come in handy when I buy my books for next semester (which I'm not looking forward to!)

Sadly though, it's all about to come to an end. I start back with school on Monday, taking 18 credits, working part-time, and having decidedly less time to be lazy. I'll be going back to town on Sunday or Monday, and I think I have a class Monday night, I have to take a Spanish test sometime, and I have to go talk to my boss about work. So I'm not looking foward to this. But I do look forward to what should hopefully be another good semester!

Until next time, bye!


Tim Minnesota said...

Good luck! I don't start school until Jan. 23 ;).

clarm taks said...

where's the mike tice talk????