Monday, January 09, 2006

Financial Stuff & Other Things

Ok now, as I mentioned somewhere before, I started up a Roth IRA last week.

This is good, I think. Even though I wasn't really able to put a lot in, over the long haul (read: a lot of years), I think this is a good start as long as I am able to put some more money in on a fairly consistent basis. Also, this has kind of got me interested in this business and money stuff. I'm not ready to do anything yet, but I think sometime in the future I might try my hand at investing in the stock market a little. I'm not nearly knowledgeable about any of this as of right now, but I hope I will be eventually.

Now, I also want to inform you about a cool new blog I started, called Complete Sports. Since I'm a college guy and I stay up late, I have some free time before I go to bed, which should help me able to keep up with that blog and this blog. That one will obviously be all about sports topics, while this will be more about me and non-related stuff, as well as a little sports. So you get the best of both worlds! So check it out: Complete Sports.

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