Sunday, January 29, 2006

Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting

Good, fun weekend for me. Let's go over it:

- Friday night I got done with work at about the time a couple of guys I knew were coming into town. We ate supper, then went to a hockey game, which was a fun time.

- After that, we went and ate again, and then stopped by some strange party at an apartment over a store called L.A. Suits, which was kinda creepy.

- Saturday morning my sisters and a couple of cousins came into town, and we just sort of hung out, ate, went shopping(!), etc. all day, which was good. Then they were staying at a hotel with 5 hot tubs, so that was a good time.

- Sleeping on an air mattress in a cold hotel room = not very fun. For future reference.

- We went out to eat this morning, and then they skipped town. I basically sat around all day, ate at Sbarro's for supper, and now here I am.

A pretty good weekend, I must say!

Too bad classes start again tomorrow. :(

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LynCat said...

Sounds like the best weekend ever!!! Are your sisters hot? It sure sounds like it.