Monday, January 30, 2006

I don't care if Monday's blue...

Mondays and Wednesdays are always the long day of the week for me. Here's how it goes:

9:01 - My alarm rings for the first time.
9:20 - I actually get out of bed. Then I shower and put my contacts in.
9:55 - Leave for my Microeconomics class that starts at 10.
11:00 - My Tech. and Business Writing class starts.
12:00 - My Applied Calculus class begins. And as you can guess, this class sucks, because math sucks.
12:50 - Eat lunch, which usually involves some sort of chicken, and of course, Mr. Pibb.
1:15 - Usually about the time I get done eating, and I go to the computer lab for a few minutes.
1:30 - I start up work at the Library. Work usually consists of things such as shelving a few books, maybe straightening some things, and then surfing the internet, usually checking out ESPN, SI, and Yahoo Finance, among other things.
4:30 - Get off work, and just mess around for a few minutes.
5:00 - Start my Criminology class, which today we watched a pretty interesting film on Enron. Very cool.
6:15 - Class ends, and I usually eat supper.
6:45 - Done with supper, I head back to my dorms for the night, where I usually watch TV, play nintendo, surf the internet, or take a nap.
1:00ish - Somewhere around this time I go to bed, because on Tuesdays I have to work at 9. :(

And this, friends, is a nutshell of my Mondays!

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