Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Want to play a little poker?

The deal is, I've kind of wanted to play poker online for real money for a while now, but there were a couple things that held me back.

1) I'm cheap, or as I like to say, frugal.
2) I didn't know if I was any good.

To make a long story short, I found this site, which was really good. After a few days, I received my $75, and once I got to 500 hands, I got another $25.

And well, this confirmed my suspicious that I'm not very good at poker. I cashed out today with about $70.50, so while I "lost" a decent amount, it didn't cost me anything, so I win overall. And I could use a little extra cash to pay off student loans!

So anyway, you should sign up, and tell them reedos1 referred you!

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